Fences, NYU, and “illegals”

NYU News reports that the NYU College Republicans are hosting an event called Find the Illegal Immigrant.

Hmm…. Did the large fence not keep them out? 🙂

I am not a militant on illegal immigrants. I don’t want to call them illegals–it’s dehumanizing. Whether they are here legally or not, they are people. I do not want to round them up and kick them out. They are here because we have been lax on policy. They need to have the opportunity to be made legal if they have been here for an extended period of time. If they choose not to do this, they should be removed. I am not adverse to some form of punishment accompanying their “post-residential” legalization.

Maybe we all just need higher fences… [insert cynical social commentary smiley here]

John, I imagine this is exactly the kind of post you cautioned me against…


One response to “Fences, NYU, and “illegals”

  1. One never can tell. I know one blogger who questioned the place of the American flag in church sanctuary (you know, idolatry and confusion about being an American/being a Christian), and threw his congregation into a fit. It cost him dearly.

    As I said, assume that your DS reads you daily. But also assume that every member of your congregation reads you, too. And the demands that they place upon you about having opinions can be even higher.

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