to lectionary or not to lectionary….

One of the first questions people ask me when I am going to give a message or lesson is “what will I be speaking about?” This question is usually followed up with, “oh, so you’re using the lectionary, then.”

This list is based partly on my opinions and partly on what I have observed from others.

The Good

  1. The congregation gets a fuller view of the scriptures over time.
  2. The speaker/preacher has a framework in which to seek the Spirit’s guidance.
  3. The speaker/preacher doesn’t preach only on his or her personal convictions and favorite passages.

The Bad

  1. It may not take into account the leadings of the speaker/preacher.
  2. I can’t think of any more.

Add to this list. What are your views on lectionary preaching/teaching?


4 responses to “to lectionary or not to lectionary….

  1. Using the lectionary (I’m assuming you’re refering to the Revised Common Lectionary) also connects the worship of the local congregation with the larger Body of Christ, the global Church of Jesus Christ. Thousands of other congregations will be hearing and interpreting the same texts on any given Sunday in worship. The lectionary is a concrete means of connecting with the global church.

  2. I don’t preach often, but I haven’t had the chance to use the lectionary or choose my own passage. The pastors who have invited me to preach have told me what passage to preach on.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the lectionary leave out parts of the Bible? Like Obadiah for example.

  3. The Common Lectionary does leave out verses. Some have a big problem with that. However, the lectionary is designed to give “fully-crafted” view of the Bible. I’m sure that one could include some of these “missing” passages. I do believe that they are important, too.

    John, are you excited about preaching Obadiah? 🙂

  4. The argument about the panoramic 3 year tour of the Bible only works if the community of faith reads all four lectionary passages each week. Many of the pastors who claim to be lectionary preachers only deploy one of the four texts in worship.

    I hope that you are enjoying ATS thus far!

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