The Blasphemy Challenge

The Blasphemy Challenge

The Rational Response Squad has issued the blasphemy challenge on the basis of Mark 3:29. Currently, 790 people have “blasphemed against the Holy Spirit.” Whether or not this phrase is unforgivable, this is a relatively powerful rejection of Christ. This movement is also getting national television coverage.

Two questions:
1)how do you feel about this?
2)what are you going to do about it?

Update:  Look at this young man filming his blasphemy in the middle of a church service.

Look at this young Christian who has filmed his “blasphemy.” 

I know that all said and done, God will have His way, but this still makes my stomach turn.


One response to “The Blasphemy Challenge

  1. 1. Sad.
    2. Love the blasphemers. Be their friend whenever I can.

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