A Seminary Reflection: week 1

It seems like it may be too soon to be reflecting on seminary, but already life has changed in a big way.

I have always desired to read and study theology. To some extend, I had the discipline to do it, but I never had accountability. I would start and stop and desire. Now, already, I have been immersed in that which I always desired. Each time I have been on campus, I am challenged academically and spiritually. This is new to me as this was not the case in my undergraduate work. I feel the tide rising in that I will continually be wishing for more time to reflect on my learning. I like the speed at which I have to assimilate this and reevaluate my theological view, however. Everything that I see upcoming this semester is something that I am very excited about.

It is difficult to work full time and study full time. More so because my position is many positions rolled into one. I have found myself tired and dejected at times and strangely uplifted at others. I have only recently learned to balance work, personal devotion, love, marriage, etc. Now we start again.

We are in a financial tailspin. God has come through, however, at each crisis point.

I have been thinking of the cross. “Daily take up your cross and follow me.” I see the image of Jesus dragging his cross up the hill and I see God’s grace in the friction of that act. I see God’s grace in the friction of this journey.

All in all, I am excited. Thanks be to God.


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