John Wesley the Sleepwalker

As a South Georgia Methodist, I can empathize with the sand flies, but the sleep walking? Oh, John Wesley…

“About four in the afternoon I set out for Frederica in a pettiawga—a sort of flat-bottomed barge. The next evening we anchored near Skidoway Island, where the water, at flood, was twelve or fourteen feet deep. I wrapped myself up from head to foot in a large cloak, to keep off the sandflies, and lay down on the quarterdeck. Between one and two I waked under water, being so fast asleep that I did not find where I was till my mouth was full of it. Having left my cloak, I know not how, upon deck, I swam around to the other side of the pettiawga, where a boat
was tied, and climbed up by the rope without any hurt, more than wetting my clothes.” –John Wesley, The Journal of John Wesley


One response to “John Wesley the Sleepwalker

  1. Lest any think I imbibe, I would prefer to claim extreme fatigue. And sir, lest any think you culpable of witchcraft, how can you post my journal before it is writ?

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