Christian Music–Jennifer Knapp

I am a snob. I guess. I judge Christian music with very high standards. Alot of what I hear on the radio or come into worship services seems to be textbook, devoid kind of stuff. I know God uses it. I know it touches some people; but it takes a special song to move me. My absolute favorite artists are Rich Mullins, Jennifer Knapp, David Crowder, Jars of Clay, and Chris Rice (though he has some really cheesy stuff, too).

This isn’t about debating Christian music. What I really want to do is share some lyrics and stuff that have meaning to me.

Fall Down

Jennifer Knapp
Judge Me Not Ye Saints
For My History May Be Tainted
But I’m Sober Enough To Know Blood When I See It
I’ve Borne My Share Of Stones
Most Of Them Easily Thrown
But Who’s To Deny
Your Water-Shed Side
Leading Me Home?

What Am I Supposed To Do About It Now?
Past Regrets And Long Laments, They Find Me Somehow
O, What Am I Supposed To Do About It Now?
What Have I To Do But Fall Down?

To Spy From Far Away
May Seem That I’m One To Betray
But O, How I Try
The Spirit To Guide
The Promise You Made


Hold Me Up
Never Let Me Go
Love Me When I Am Broken
And Speak To Me

I love the “God–>human” interaction that takes place in her songs. She communicates what happens in a person’s soul but she doesn’t turn our faith into humanism. “What am I supposed to do about it now?” What a beautiful question. There is nothing to do but fall down. I love it. What do you think? If you haven’t heard this song, you can get it on her album The Way I Am.


One response to “Christian Music–Jennifer Knapp

  1. Coming from a fellow Christian music snob, if you like Jars of Clay and Jennifer Knapp (judging by the lyrics of hers that you have posted), you’d probably like Sara Groves as well. Very powerful lyrics.

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