I have a theatre degree.  I’ve done theatre for over 10 years.  I’ve heard over 1000 times: “please turn off all cell phones and pagers.”  I remember going off on rants when someone’s cell phone would go off during a performance.  I even get a knot in my stomach when someone’s phone goes off in church.  It’s even worse when they answer it!

All that to say:  my  phone went off when I was giving my lesson at youth worship tonight.  God has a funny way about reminding us who’s in charge…


One response to “Embarrassing…

  1. that’s pretty funny, jim.

    i’ve got a deal with our wed. night bible study group: if they feel like they HAVE to leave their phone on, that’s fine, but if it rings i get to answer it, no questions asked. they all turn their phones off now.

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