Old Friends…

The past 2 days have been surprisingly nostalgic.  Our community is experiencing a few tragedies of late and the most recent involves the death of two small children (2 and 4) in a fire.  I used to be acquainted with the mother of those 2 children.  Yesterdady, I spent some time with an old, close friend that was good friends with her.  We grieved a bit, reminisced a bit.  It was strange.  There are so many things that I’ve completely forgotten that have come barrelling back to my heart.

This morning I was sending some MySpace messages to my youth and I got a message from a very old friend.  Through her profile, I ran into so many people that I shared my life with many years ago.  It all came barreling back again.  I miss them, but I’m happy.  I’m afraid to rebuild some of those relationships.  Some people have moved on well and we could reconnect.   However, some of them haven’t moved on a single bit.  I’m not interested in recreating the past.  It’s not awful, but I’m very excited about God’s work in my present and the possiblities to serve in the future.  Maybe its all too selfish.

I’ve never been good at staying in touch…


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