The Evangelism Team

As part of my program ministry responsibilities, I am to oversee the Evangelism Committee (team). This is one of the most exciting responsibilities that I have. Our committee has had some trouble this year and we wanted to breathe some new life into it and get it moving.

Now this is nothing new, but we laid some exciting ground work for the team.

We identified our responsibilities:

To lead the church in the following areas–welcoming, incorporating regular attendees and new members into the church, equipping the church membership for evangelism, sending the church out into the community. (please note the active verbs)

We needed to develop an action plan. We will do it in these steps:

  1. Build a team
  2. Assess the current reality
  3. Develop a shared vision
  4. Establish a plan
  5. Set the plan into motion
  6. Maintain and evaluate the plan

(again, note the active verbs)

I know this isn’t new at all, but evangelism can be kind of amorphous. It was nice for us to place a little structure on it. I guess I am pretty Methodist…


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