Youth Teaching Series

I’m getting my youth teaching series ready for the school year. I really want these to be relevant, applicable, and purposeful. During the UMYF time on Sunday nights, I want to have youth worship (offering many different opportunities to worship) to fulfill our ministry’s purpose of worship. I want to do promotional materials for each series. I spoke with Adam Ricker today and he told me about to do cheap postcards and such. Each series will be 2-4 weeks. Here’s were I am:

  • who we are as a ministry? We’ve made a lot of changes and done some rebuilding. There is a pretty definate infrastructure in place right now and I wonder if it will be worthwhile to educate the students somehow as to what that process is like. It might be worthwhile to do this in small snipets throughout.
  • teach worship

“The Rising.” Finding ways to lift our hearts to God in worship.

  • evangelism

Maybe “The Rock,” or something similar. Using Peter and other disciples as examples of different types of people and the different ways that people were brought to Christ in the Bible.

  • discipleship
  • fellowship
  • ministry
  • teach on love, sex, and relationships

I know there is more to come and that these will definately need some refining. I really need to get back to my devotion and study before I do any further planning. I’ve been lazy for a few days.

I want each series to have some kind of “branding” such as logos, photo/design schemes, video ideas, skit ideas, game ideas, small group opportunities, etc. You are more than welcome to offer input.


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