The Spiritual Life of Ministry (heart or mind)

Heart or MindMinistry can be done as a system of actions and logic or as a response to our Savior. One is naturally more effective than the other. As people in ministry, how do you care for your spiritual life?

What interesting things do you do to make sure that your ministry is a response and not a routine?

(I’m particularly interested to hear from Dave, Brian, and Jay.)


One response to “The Spiritual Life of Ministry (heart or mind)

  1. Hi Jim,

    How do I care for my spiritual life?

    A steady diet of Scripture and prayer — I know that there is nothing new here, but these are foundational. The key for me lately has been the opportunity to live in deep community with key colleagues in ministry. Beyond my position at Asbury, I serve as the lead pastor (my actual title is “Sculptor of Ethos”) of Awaken Orlando Wesleyan Church: Igniting Humanity One Dreamer at a Time. My lead team are my best friends. We hang out together — pray together — dream together. Being in deep community has been the missing component in my life for too long. I cannot tell you what a difference this has made over the last couple of years.

    As far as interesting things to keep ministry fresh and a response to God?

    Prayer. Living a missional lifestyle — interact with as many non-Christ followers. Study culture. Read blogs of missional leaders.

    Thank you for the invite Jim.

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