State of the Union or Hell in a Handbasket

I always hear about how the world is “going to hell in a handbasket.” Sometimes it ruins an otherwise good day! I’m always intruiged to hear people pretty well castrating a church with their gossip or limited knowledge of things. That kind of outlook is like quicksand and sometimes I find my self falling into it! I hate it! A few years ago, I began to discover my heart for growing the church and thought I had surrounded myself with people who wanted the same thing. Boy was I wrong! I had surrounded myself with whinners! I fell into a slump. Then I thought that sometimes the thing we think a church needs is in fact the thing that we need. Its missing from our individual lives, not our communal lives.

Often our outlook is seen through the lens of our own heart whereas our view of the world is simply a mirror to the state of our own hearts. Sin clouds. Sin causes a short sightedness that causes the entire world to be as grim or amazing as our heart. Focus on ourselves makes our sight small. The mountains look insurmountable. Focus on Jesus is like flying into the air and seeing how small the mountain really is on the way to the overall goal.

Don’t limit yourself to your sin. In God you are made perfect. Change your lens. Look higher.


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