Music and Worship

What are your thoughts on music and worship?


2 responses to “Music and Worship

  1. Hmm… I think music is used in worship because it brings people together. Not only does it create solidarity, but it can be very moving. I recently wrote an article on music and churches, and another reason for music in worship is that “storytelling in music… is a way the priest conveys the messages of the Bible.” (Change “priest” and “Bible” to whatever’s relevant for whatever religion… but you get the point.)

  2. What a great question, Jim. I think in today’s culture we associate music and worship as one in the same. But worship is not exclusive to music. I suppose we turn to music first because it is one of the most wholistic ways to respond to God: emotionally, mentally, physically, and relationally. But I fear that if we limit our worship to only music, we are missing out big time. Worship means to “give worth” to something or to “express worth.” So to worship God means that we express how much He is worth to us. Music is a great way to do that, but certainly not the only way. I myself feel most worshipful in sharing Christ with someone else (or a whole group of people), whether it be by music or some other means. As a worship leader (as my profession) I view my role not to simply lead people in songs, but to direct people to God’s greatness, make them aware of their ability to personally encounter Him, and then create an environment for them to have a personal encounter with Him. This happens through prayer, through solitude and silence, through studying His word, and, yes, through song. As Christians, our whole life is worship (Romans 12). Thanks for a great question, Jim.

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