An Ode to Phil Amato

Phil Amato,

I’ve discovered that alot of people Google your name. You are a popular man! I’ve gotten lots of traffic since I posted my last “Phil Sighting.” We appreciate your work. You seem to be an honest, and all-around good guy.


ps: i hope lots of people can come and share some comments of appreciation!


7 responses to “An Ode to Phil Amato

  1. Jenna From Texas

    Well I hope your talking about Phil Amato from NJ. If so recently met him in Vegas and me and my girlfriends had the best time with him and his friends. A good looking guy with a personality that ROCKS! I found his web site through the and it’s

  2. Phil Amato is from a small town in Lodi NJ. I’ve been following Phil’s career blossom and Jim I think your right on with Phil’s character. Phil is a well rounded individual and where’s many hat’s. It seems like Phil’s positive engergy has a feel good affect on many people. If you have any other questions please send me an email at

  3. Oh please… are u kidding me with this site!! I can give you ten other names that deserve much more respect than Phil Amato..

  4. Fill in the blanks then, my friend:
    1. ___________________________________

  5. Hello Jim, I know of Phil Amato and I had a chance to spend time around him and his peers which was a pleasant experience. It’s sad to see the negativity on this site by “SeeyaLater” when a humble guy like yourself has taken the time to put this site together and express some positive energy. It appears you will be getting hater mail as time goes on.

    God Bless!

  6. I am not sure if we are all talkin about the same phil or not , but if we are Jason from breckinridge would like to bring over the fender amp that sweet axe I baught to go along with it and some other musical goodies and jam with him.. Oh and BTW “see ya later” if we are all talkin bout the same phil and you rip him like that I will personally stomp your ass in hell. if not then you are titled to your opinion. FISH

  7. Jenny~Mike=Astoria NY

    Phil Amato… Are you having a Halloween Party this year? Who’s this dude Jason from breckinridge talking about a fender amp. I think he has the wrong Phil Amato..lolol.. Me and Mike miss you where have you been? I can’t keep tabs on you anymore. You are all over the map. Jesus Phil! call me!!!!

    Oh. You probably wont read this so I’ll send u a myspace message. haha.

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