Thoughts on the young people’s address…

What does the United Methodist Church need to hear from its young adults?  What does the United Methodist Church need to hear about its young adults?


2 responses to “Thoughts on the young people’s address…

  1. I have a hard time grouping my thoughts by age groups. I’m not sure that we really fall into groups based solely on age. It seems to be more of mindsets than years that define our views. However, the experiences and cultures of different generations certainly shape our mindsets.

    With that said, here is the thought I am having today: I think the UMC needs to hear the heart beat of worship. I was reading Mark chapter 2 today and was really struck by a sentence about Jesus reclining at the table with the tax collectors and sinners. The Holy relaxing and enjoying the sinners company. The perfectly Holy right there in the middle of the completely sinful and apparently at peace with it.

    Too much of what I see seems fake. We too often confine “worship” to mean a Sunday service and we have wars over what style it should be. But the style of worship is not traditional or contemporary it is life. Worship is a lifestyle. Too much of what we do in the name of worship is fake and comes across simply as a production or show. What the world needs is real. People being loved like they are by people who are being who they truly are. That is what changes lives.

    Maybe that is just my kick for today, but anyway it was the thought I am having at this moment. I may change my thought tomorrow.

  2. Thanks for such a poignant answer! I’m always amazed how the simplest truths that we learned when we were first saved are quickly forgotten. This spirit of worship needs to be carefully cultivated and guarded, especially in ministry.

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