Create our lessons with blogging?

I absolutely love this idea! I think I will try to utilize it as we develop our speaking/teaching plan for the next year!

Brian Russell, professor of Old Testament at Asbury Theological Seminary writes:

“Pastors can also use their blogs to post ideas for future sermons and sermon series. We can then invite our congregations to participate in the process of sermon preparation. As we all know, the best messages are born out of extended prayer and reflection upon the Scriptures. Why not sketch out three month’s worth of preaching topics and Scripture passages and post this on-line? Encourage your people to unleash their creativity in terms of movie clips, song selection, artistic expressions, and illustrations. You will be surprised how much stronger and influential your preaching/teaching will become by inviting and employing the input of the many. Your congregation will also be impacted more profoundly by the teaching because it will have a greater sense of ownership of the messages.” —

What if me and the Youth Ministry leadership team (adult and student) were to blog out ideas about subjects and specific lessons? Wouldn’t it be awesome to invite people to add creatively to the lessons in ways that Mr. Russel writes about? How much more exciting would it be to teach a lesson if it had been in communal preperation for a few weeks or months?!?


One response to “Create our lessons with blogging?

  1. Great thoughts. It is my understanding that “sermons” didn’t evolve into the current lecture format until way into the process. Originally they were discussions where there was a free exchange of thoughts and questions. The truth emerged more than was presented. Interesting thought isn’t it.

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