Be Reckless

I've been using My Utmost for His Highest as my daily devotional. When you commit to spend time with God, He does amazing works on your heart. The last few days have been a wonderful example. In light of where God has called me, and is calling me, these words have convicted me and brought me to a truer sense of faith:

“If you debate for even one second when God has spoken, it is all over for you. Never start to say, ‘well, I wonder if He really did speak to me?” Be reckless immediately—totally unrestrained and willing to risk everything—by casting your all upon Him…The continual inner-searching we do in an effort to see if we are what we ought to be generates a self-centered, sickly type of Christianity, not the vigorous and simple life of a child of God…Launch out in reckless, unrestrained belief that the redemption is complete…Pray with the realization that you are perfect only in Christ Jesus.”

What does it look like to be reckless in the name of Jesus Christ? Who's feelings to you consider? What circumstances do you take into account? Where do you run for affirmation? Have you been reckless for God? Have you ever debated the calling of God and watched the opportunity pass away? Where is God calling you now?


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