Students & Internet: What are they doing? How can the be safe?

My last post was a slightly editted version (just so it would make sense out of context) of my last church newsletter post. I had no idea the kind of discussion it would start! People are truly concerned and want to know more! I am rarely more excited than when I can be a part of an emerging discussion like this!

Parents, I know you are concerned about MySpace. It is my hope that I can help you find any information that you need to make your home safe. Here are some wonderful resources on web safety:

Netsmartz, SafeKids, SafeTeen, and MySpace safety tips.
I also realized that there are alot of questions about what MySpace, blogging, and other terms even are. Here are some links for you:



Web 2.0


There's so much more that we could discuss, but I'll stop here for (hopefully) easy digestion. Please, let me know what questions, comments, or concerns you have. (Just click "add a comment" at the top of this post).


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