MySpace: The Double-Edged Internet

Every generation breeds new technology. Every generation sees that technology through some divine and some evil times. For example, the printing press and rock and roll. One of the hot topics right now is is a free social networking website that offers the opportunity to send messages, view photos, and create social groups. In order to create a profile, you must be 14 or older. Once you’ve created your profile, you can customize it, begin to add other profiles to your “Friend” list, and leave comments for other people to read. MySpace is a wonderful way to connect with people and share ideas.

An astounding 61% of our teenagers and young adults have a MySpace profile. What a mission field this is! Despite how we feel about MySpace, I don’t think we can deny the need for the church’s presence in it. Sometimes to reach people for Christ, you have to go where the people are. There a few ways we can do this: teach people how to use the internet safely, protect ourselves from unwanted internet materials, and explore the many wonderful ways we can reach out to 61% of our youth and young adults with MySpace! If you have any questions or comments about MySpace, please call me or visit my profile at


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